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sábado, 6 de diciembre de 2014

VoIP Codec: Payload size

The size of the payload of each encoded voice packet influences two things: lag and bandwidth.
Every encoded packet that is sent incurs fixed bandwidth overheads (due to IP and other headers added to the data in the network). Thus, larger payloads incur a proportionately smaller overhead, thus reducing the nominal bandwidth utilisation. However, by using larger payloads, more audio (ie., a longer period of time) is required to construct a single packet, which in turn increases the amount of time it takes for even the beginning of the packet to reach the other end and be decoded, thus increasing the lag in the conversation. This is a typical trade-off in VoIP.
Most codecs use payload sizes rage from 10 to 40 milliseconds per packet. Default payload and bandwidth consumption by different codecs:

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