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sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2014

Actualizando FreePBX modulos desde CLI

Upgrading a FreePBX Module from the CLI

Saltar al final de los metadatos
Ir al inicio de los metadatos Their may be cases that something breaks and you can not get into your FreePBX GUI and you need to perform module updates to fix a GUI problem.  Below is a example on how we would upgrade the framework module from the CLI.

  • SSH into your PBX

Manejanado modulos Freepbx desde CLI

Manage Modules Via CLI

The GUI interface should always be used to manage your PBX, and the "Module Admin" Module should be used within the GUI for adding and removing modules, however it is possible to manage modules directly via the CLI.
As an example to install the "System Admin" module you could issue the following command via the Linux CLI:
amportal a ma install sysadmin
Additional commands and parameters are listed below:
Module Admin Functions

Configuracion de la red en Vicidial/Goautodial Dial

Initial Setup configuration of Goautodial:

After finishing up go autodial installation which is a very quick and requires nothing but clicking next. In fact it is very easy for someone even zero network or system admin skills.
But the daunting task is configuring all the Network Interface Card (NIC) with appropriate linkups and proper IP ADRESSING SCHEME. Here is the pictorial demo to that simple task:
Setup Window on Goautodial
[root@vici ~]# setup

  • Select the Network configuration options , usually you navigate by pressing TAB.
  • Press Enter

lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014

Script Para consultar una base de dato y marcar al numero devuelto.

A=$(mysql --user=root --password='mypassword' --skip-column-names  asterisk -e 'select dst  from cdr where dst='18097143489' limit 0,1 ' ; )
echo $A
B=`asterisk -x "originate SIP/didlogic/$A extension 0@internal" `

sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2014

Como cambiar el puerto 80 de Freepbx

nano /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Buscamos la siguiente linea   Listen 80

 Y la cambiamos por el siguiente puerto

Listen  2676

Reinicamos el servicio de apache :

service httpd restart