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sábado, 8 de noviembre de 2014

Instalacion de la Licencia del codec G729

Download and execute the register utility to generate a valid license.
cd /root
Change the permissions of the /root/register file to r-x------.
chmod 500 /root/register
Run the register utility and follow the interactive instructions. The registration utility will prompt you for your G.729 license key.
Download and execute the benchg729 utility to determine the optimum build.
cd /root
wget -O benchg729
Change the permissions of the /root/benchg729 file to r-x------
chmod 500 /root/benchg729
Run the benchg729 utility and record the build that it recommends should be used for your platform.
Download and install the codec_g729 binary that is built for your platform from NOTE: Asterisk 1.8.23 requires binaries from exactly this download directory.
Extract downloaded file and copy to /var/lib/asterisk/modules.
Move original to another directory for backup purposes.
Restart Asterisk and check if license is found: 

Reiniciamos el servicio de Asteisk
service asterisk restart  (Centos)
/etc/init.d/asterisk restart (Ubuntu)

asterisk -rvvvvvvvv
*CLI> g729 show licenses                                                                           
0/0 encoders/decoders of 26 licensed channels are currently in use                                 

Licenses Found:                                                                                    
Key: G729-EXAMPLE1 -- Host-ID: ex:am:pl:e0:ex:am:pl:e0:ex:am:pl:e0:ex:                             
am:pl:e0:ex:am:pl:e0 -- Channels: 2 (Expires: 2026-09-26) (OK)                                     
Key: G729-EXAMPLE2 -- Host-ID: ex:am:pl:e0:ex:am:pl:e0:ex:am:pl:e0:ex:                             
am:pl:e0:ex:am:pl:e0 -- Channels: 24 (Expires: 2026-09-26) (OK)

[edit] Troubleshooting

[edit] If Asterisk crashes

If Asterisk crashes when it is restarted, the wrong version of the codec is installed. Remove codecs from /usr/lib/asterisk/modules and repeat all procedures with different - more appropriate - versions of the codecs. You can 'downgrade' your codec version, starting from: and keep going down as far as until it works. (This is just an example - for your server, codec versions may vary).

[edit] Bad audio quality

If you experience bad audio quality, try downgrading your codec, as explained in previous paragraph.

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