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martes, 15 de noviembre de 2016

getting twilio message properties

// Get the PHP helper library from
require_once './twilio-php-master/Twilio/autoload.php'; // Loads the library
use Twilio\Rest\Client;

// Your Account Sid and Auth Token from
$sid = "AC4cd51364f734dtt4df228050e9788f90c";
$token = "c63c01506d9dd94b5sww788a170b3208f11f";
$client = new Client($sid, $token);

// Loop over the list of smss and echo a property for each one
foreach ($client->messages->read() as $sms) {
    echo $sms->to." ".$sms->status." ".$sms->sid."\n";

$sms = $client

echo $sms->body."\n";


php list-all.php
+18097143489 delivered SM1281e9eee50644038d2d2e4969b931a8
Testing mms
+18097143489 delivered MM4fe9abd1cee742fda7657db7e434764b
Testing mms
+18097143489 delivered MMa323f084842142afad38a6b85949f10a
Testing mms
+14012196176 delivered SMd2f5c77178ae46a1be9e0eabb1305860
We Love Twilo
+18097143489 delivered SM77720d7889ae442b94a3b697b576417f
I love twilio!
+18097143489 delivered SM1c8aa8d76d2d4c648003bf8a367100a0
+18097143489 delivered SM90e23c23c0424a00abca30473876cf80
Hey testing Twilio sms service!
+18097143489 delivered SMbbc077ff378f49ad8eed166237d28eeb
Hey Jenny! Good luck on the bar exam!

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