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lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

Como enviar y recibir FAX usando ATA Grandstream.

This small Howto will show you a way how you can connect a Grandstream HT502 directly to a berofix device to use reliable Fax Transmission via T.38.
berofix: Creating a SIP-Account On the berofix Web-Gui you have to enter a new SIP account which points to the Grandstream device, as you can see in the next picture.
Bf sip account.jpg

Name: the name for this SIP account
Server Address: The IP-Address of your Grandstream ATA
User: not used because there is not authentication
Secret: not used because there is not authentication
Register: this has to be unchecked. berofix should not register at the Grandstream
It is important that the Option T.38 is enabled under the section more.

berofix: Creating Dialplan Rules We have to create Dialplan rules to allow receiving and sending calls/faxes from the Grandstream device, as you can see in the next picture.
Bf dialplan.jpg
In this example we have created 2 Dialplan rules. The first one is for sip-ISDN calls (row 1 in the picture for outbound faxes). This rule will send all calls starting with the a prefix '0' and has the CallerID 'myfax' to the ISDN Port-Group. berofix will remove the prefix '0' from the CalledID and change the CallerID to +4930259389819.
The second rule is for ISDN-SIP calls (row 2 in the picture for inbound faxes). This rule will send all calls starting with the CalledID 25038919 to the SIP Account 'GS_502'. berofix will modify the CalledID to 26 and send the call to the Grandstream.

Grandstream: In this Howto we use a Grandstream HT-502 Device with 2 FXS Port and the following Software Versions:
Product Model:
HT-502 V1.1B
Software Version:    
The configuration of the Grandstream is very simple. After you have setup the network go to the Point FXS Port1, where our Fax machine is connected. You will get the following configuration Form:
GS 1.jpg
As you can see in the above picture we applied the IP-Address of the berofix device for the following fields:
  • Primary SIP Server
  • Failover SIP Server
  • Outbound Proxy
Furthermore the 'SIP User ID', 'Authenticate ID' and the 'Name' is set to 'myfax'. If you look at the berofix Dialplan we use source=myfax for matching in the Dialplan. If you have only one Fax this is not important and show you only a way how to handle it if you have more then one machine connected to your Grandstream Device.
Please make sure that the option 'Outgoing Call without Registration' is set to 'Yes'. The Grandstream device could not really register at the berofix so this option has to be set to yes.
Last but not least you have to set some T.38 option as you can see in the next picture.
GS 2.jpg

  • T.38 mode: T.38 (Auto Detect)
  • Fax mode: has to set to T.38 (Auto Detect)
  • Fax tone detection mode: has to be set to Callee

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