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viernes, 11 de enero de 2013

Versiones de Asterisk

Asterisk Versions

There are multiple supported feature frozen releases of Asterisk. Once a release series is made available, it is supported for some period of time. During this initial support period, releases include changes to fix bugs that have been reported. At some point, the release series will be deprecated and only maintained with fixes for security issues. Finally, the release will reach its End of Life, where it will no longer receive changes of any kind.
The type of release defines how long it will be supported. A Long Term Support (LTS) release will be fully supported for 4 years, with one additional year of maintenance for security fixes. Standard releases are supported for a shorter period of time, which will be at least one year of full support and an additional year of maintenance for security fixes.
The following table shows the release time lines for all releases of Asterisk, including those that have reached End of Life.
Release Series Release Type Release Date Security Fix Only EOL
1.2.X 2005-11-21 2007-08-07 2010-11-21
1.4.X LTS 2006-12-23 2011-04-21 2012-04-21
1.6.0.X Standard 2008-10-01 2010-05-01 2010-10-01
1.6.1.X Standard 2009-04-27 2010-05-01 2011-04-27
1.6.2.X Standard 2009-12-18 2011-04-21 2012-04-21
1.8.X LTS 2010-10-21 2014-10-21 2015-10-21
10.X Standard 2011-12-15 2012-12-15 2013-12-15
11.x LTS 2012-10-25 2016-10-25 2017-10-25
12.x Standard 2013-10 (tentative) 2014-10 (tentative) 2015-10 (tentative)
13.x LTS 2014-10 (tentative) 2018-10 (tentative) 2019-10 (tentative)
New releases of Asterisk will be made roughly once a year, alternating between standard and LTS releases. Within a given release series that is fully supported, bug fix updates are provided roughly every 4 weeks. For a release series that is receiving only maintenance for security fixes, updates are made on an as needed basis.
If you're not sure which one to use, choose either the latest release for the most up to date features, or the latest LTS release for a platform that may have less features, but will usually be around longer.

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