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lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

Creando un plantilla de configuracion

[office-phone](!)   ; create a template for our devices
type=friend         ;  will match on username first, IP second
context=LocalSets   ; this is where calls from the device will enter the dialplan
host=dynamic        ; the device will register with asterisk
nat=yes             ; assume device is behind NAT 
                    ; *** NAT stands for Network Address Translation, which allows  
                    ; multiple internal devices to share an external IP address.
secret=s3CuR#p@s5   ; a secure password for this device -- DON'T USE THIS PASSWORD!
dtmfmode=auto       ; accept touch-tones from the devices, negotiated automatically
disallow=all        ; reset which voice codecs this device will accept or offer
allow=ulaw          ; which audio codecs to accept from, and request to, the device
allow=alaw          ; in the order we prefer
; define a device name and use the office-phone template

; define another device name using the same template
secret=@N0th3rP4S5 ; Overrides the secret from the template
allow=gsm          ; Adds gsm to the list of allowed codecs 

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