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sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2014

Configuracion de la red en Vicidial/Goautodial Dial

Initial Setup configuration of Goautodial:

After finishing up go autodial installation which is a very quick and requires nothing but clicking next. In fact it is very easy for someone even zero network or system admin skills.
But the daunting task is configuring all the Network Interface Card (NIC) with appropriate linkups and proper IP ADRESSING SCHEME. Here is the pictorial demo to that simple task:
Setup Window on Goautodial
[root@vici ~]# setup

  • Select the Network configuration options , usually you navigate by pressing TAB.
  • Press Enter
  • You will find your entire network interface card in listed here. If you don’t see them check the Hardware connectivity, your GoAuto dial have not detected the device.
  • Click on Edit device, the one you need to change the IP Scheme.
  • Select network card In most of the time it’s Like eth0 & press enter

  • Type your IP addresses and Subnet mask; make sure you put it correctly. Dots are crucial . 9 out of 10 times every experienced engineer makes make mistakes here.
  • And press ok

Then edit DNS configuration, make sure the following things.
Change the to your own domain. If you don’t have any put virgo.tld, leo.tld, or Gemini.tld or anything, whatever zodiac sign is yours.  The (.tld) stands for Top Level Domain.
Primary dns is your nearest or LAN gateway usually.
Secondary you can put any of your Internet service provider’s Address. And
Finally you can choose open dns also.
  • Press ok
  • Press save & Quit
[root@vici ~]# service network restart

The final and most crucial things is updating  server  ip address.
[root@vici ~]# update_server_ip
Press (Y)
Press  enter

Press (y)
This lets you update your internal patch to
The final checkout that your system is working , please enter ‘netstat –rn’

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